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Our passion is to mobilize a people who will pray and go with the gospel all over St. Louis! What is divided will be united as we continue to go there!

Nothing Impossible!

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Holy Ground
Saturday morning At 8AM

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Just north of the Fox Theatre in North St. Louis is an area known to many as "Ground Zero" or as low you can go. From that point North for 1 mile on Grand Avenue is known as the "Deadliest Mile In America" related to gun violence. For quite some time we have prayer walked this area every Saturday morning with a group of believers from all over the St. Louis region. Our heart is come along side the community and speak life over people,  families, businesses, churches and everything in between. We believe the violence can stop when the prince of peace Jesus gets involved. What seems like a valley of dry bones to many we believe can live again and prosper again. For all the latest of how we "Walk The Lou" every Saturday morning check out this page.

Saturday Morning Prayer Walking

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