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14 day 

Neighborhood ChallenGe


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What would it look like if 100 people took the neighborhood challenge to prayer walk their neighborhood for 14 days? What if all you had to do was signup and we texted daily everything you needed?
The 14 day neighborhood challenge is designed to get you out prayer walking in your neighborhood for 14 straight days for only 20 minutes a day. Well don't worry we have a couple flex days in there where you can catch your breath and just pray from your home. The good news is on those designated days there will be a group zoom for everyone in the challenge. This will be a time to connect, share testimonies and be encouraged.  
At times it may feel like you are doing it all alone or with a few people many others across St. Louis will be doing it in their neighborhood as well. We are believing for 100 people to participate in the neighborhood challenge and we haven't even got to the best part yet.
What we will do?
  • Daily text prayer point / encouragement for each day of the challenge (that is right we are making it super simple what to pray each day)
  • Daily social media prayer point / encouragement for each of the challenge (same as above but posted earlier in the morning for the early risers who want to get the prayer walk in.
  • Private FB Group with daily encouragements from challenge facilitator 
  • Zoom meeting for encouragement and check in (see below)
  • Suggested schedule so we are in this together doing the same thing at the same time (see below)
What will you do?
  • Prayer walk your neighborhood daily for 20 minutes
    • see schedule below for flex day / prayer at home
  • Pick the time each day that fits your schedule to prayer walk​
  • Pick the route in your neighborhood you feel led to prayer walk
  • Pray daily prayer point as you get started each day to ignite your faith (received daily via text)
  • Post an update in private FB group
  • Join Zoom meeting to be encouraged  
  • Neighborhood Challenge simplified
    • 12 times prayer walking for 20 minutes​
    • 2 times praying at home for 10 minutes
    • Zoom meeting 
Week 1 - 5/14-20 (Days 1-7)
1/14  Thursday - Prayer Walking (20 min)
2/14  Friday - Prayer Walking (20 min)
3/14  Saturday - Prayer Walking (20 min)
4/14  Sunday - Prayer Walking (20 min)
5/14  Monday - Prayer At Home (10 Min)
  • Group Zoom 
6/14  Tuesday - Prayer Walking (20 min)
7/14  Wednesday - Prayer Walking (20 min)
Week 2 - 5/21-27 (Days 8-14)
8/14  Thursday - Prayer Walking (20 min)
9/14  Friday - Prayer Walking (20 min)
10/14 Saturday - Prayer Walking (20 min)
11/14  Sunday - Prayer Walking (20 min)
12/14 Monday - Prayer At Home (10 min)
​​13/14 Tuesday - Prayer Walking (20 min)
14/14 Wednesday - Prayer Walking (20 min)