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Will you pray daily at 3:14PM for St. Louis? 

As we prepare for the Pray For The Lou day on Saturday March 14th, 2020 we are praying  everyday at 3:14PM to unite believers in the region and cover St. Louis in prayer. Please join us by setting your alarm as we sound the alarm and pray for the St. Louis region.





In preparation for Pray For The Lou Day we have been prayer walking through all 79 neighborhoods to scout the land and call others to do the same. We feel like Joshua and Caleb who have been spying out the land and we can't wait to see 1,000 believers seeing that the harvest is plentiful as we prayer walk every neighborhood of the lou in one morning.

Did you know there are 79 different neighborhoods in St. Louis?




The third thing we have been doing in preparation for Pray For The Lou Day is networking and partnering with existing prayer gatherings and ministries all over the region.  We are developing relationships with those key prayer leaders in St. Louis who have been seeking Jesus for years for a move of the Holy Spirit. It has been a great joy to experience so many different expressions of prayer and diversity in those who are praying for the Lord of the harvest to send out labors.

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