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On 3.14.20 we filled all 79 neighborhoods of St. Louis with prayer walking at the exact same time. It was an amazing time as over 100 churches and 800 people filled our streets with faith and prayer. After we covered the whole city in prayer we ended with a closing worship rally on the Cardinal Ritter football field which sits on the "Delmar Divide." This divide is known as a place of division but on March 14th we made it a place of unity as we worshipped as the church of St. Louis on both sides of the dividing line. We declared before heaven and before our city that, "What is divided...Will be united! Jesus even help back the rain and we lifted up the name of Jesus 1 day before Covid restrictions were enforced all over the region. Thank you to everyone who participated and served with us to make the dream come alive. We are just getting started!

See below for the vision for Pray For The Lou in 2021. In addition to what you see below we will be having the following between now and March 14th, 2021:

  • Informational meetings

  • Vision meetings with Pastors

  • Prayer Walk Training

  • Prayer Rallies




3.7-14, 2021

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If you thought praying in all 79 neighborhoods was a crazy vision then you haven't seen anything yet! In 2021 we are going from Pray For The Lou Day to Pray For The Lou Week. Don't worry you read that right as we are setting aside a week to pray for our region and the good news is not matter your area code or zip code we need you. We are believing for this to be a true regional prayer effort from the Metro East, North City, South City, North County, West County, St. Charles County and Jefferson County. We have a vision and a passion to see prayer raised up in the whole region at the exact same time. It is going to take every believer, every church, and every denomination to make this happen. What would it look like if every community in region was filled with believers on the same day at the same time? In 2021 we are going to find out and see that nothing is impossible with God!

What does PFTL week look like?

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Here is a brief overview of the vision Jesus has given us which is subject to change as the Holy Spirit leads and builds as we prepare.

Pray For The Lou Week | 3.7-14,2021

  • Regional Prayer Rallies

    • ​3.7-12,2021
      • Metro East

      • North City

      • South City

      • North County

      • West County

      • South County

      • St. Charles County

      • Jefferson County


  • 300 Hosts Location on 3.13.21

    • We are looking for 300 churches to be host locations to facilitate prayer walking in your neighborhood.

    • This simultaneous prayer walking will take place on Saturday morning March 13th.

  • Closing Worship Rally on 3.13.21​

    • Saturday afternoon we will have a closing worship rally with all participants and host churches to celebrate what Jesus did during prayer walking. (location TBD)​

  • Unity Sunday on 3.14.21

    • 300 Churches preaching the same scripture passage from the Bible in their weekend service.​